Boiler service Checklist and Maintenance Guide

But how does a annual boiler service do their service? Here are the things that you have to expect during their service:

For a Gas Boiler Inspection:

The gas boiler inspection includes: the checking of burner and gas inlet, the electrodes clean-up, a visual checking of the case of the boiler and its flue to be able to determine if there are leakage, the testing of controls and operations, removing of the heat exchange unit from dirt and dust, and giving of a written safety service report to the client.

For a Condensing Boiler Inspection:

The condensing boiler inspection includes: an analysis of the electronic flue to be able to compare it to the combustion efficiency in the guideline of the manufacturer, checking of the gas inlet, and giving of a written safety service report to the client.

For a Pressure Jet Oil Boiler Inspection:

The pressure jet oil boiler inspection includes: removing and cleaning of baffles, replacement of burner nozzle, replacement of oil line to the connection of the burner which is done at least every other year, measuring the efficiency of combustion with the use of flue analyzer, smoke testing, adjusting of the oil pump pressure, testing of the fire valve with the use of hot water, and giving the written safety service report to the client.

After having the boiler service inspection, there are lots of things to do for the maintenance of your boiler. This maintenance guide will surely stop you from frequently paying for a service. Boilers usually break down in a cold weather or during a winter season. So it’s a good idea to keep your boiler checked regularly from a boiler service and maintained through this tips:

If your boiler is not working properly and there is an error in the display due to the below freezing temperature outside, condensate the boiler’s pipe immediately before it is frozen. How to stop your condensing boiler from freezing